Complete Starter Kit(Standard) for Raspberry Pi 3 [TSI-Pi038-CSK-S16]

Complete Starter Kit(Standard) for Raspberry Pi 3 [TSI-Pi038-CSK-S16]

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Complete Starter Kit (Standard) for Raspberry Pi 3 is a convenient kit for using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B shortly. Raspberry Pi3 board which was the exclusive case,Connect your monitor with the supplied HDMI cable,using the Lan cable connect to the network,insert the Raspbian OS preinstalled micro SD,connect the power ,Raspberry Pi ready to use right away.

※This kit does not include monitor, keyboard, mouse.

 Please connect with your monitor, keyboard, mouse as necessary.


1)Raspberry Pi3 Model B(Element14 Version)
2) Raspberry Pi case set (Clear) 3ple Decker correspondence

   -3ple Dekcer Pi case (Main body)

 -Stack pins (both ends x 6, one end x 4), screw set
 -Rubber feet
 -GPIO sheath and GPIO card
3) Raspberry Pi power supply set (5 V 3.0 A) - full load verified
 -AC power adapter
 -Power supply cable with switch (1.1 m)
4) Raspbian preinstalled micro SD card (Class 10 16GB)

5) HDMI Cabel (90cm)

6) Heat sink large and small

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  • In a complete starter pack、On the board of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B,Raspberry Pi special case set for 3ple Decker that can be stackably connected、and also heat sink is included.

    □Raspberry Pi3 Model B(Main body)
    □Raspberry Pi case(Clear)
    -Case body(Clear)+GPIO Cover(2 types)
    -Stack pins set
    -Screw Set
    -Rubber feet
    -GPIO seal and GPIO card
    -Heat sink set
    The Raspberry Pi case of this kit is a stackable case compatible with Physical Computing Lab's original 3ple Decker.
    Since it can be detached with other 3ple Decker series case module with one touch, it can be used in conjunction with Arduino, BeagleBone, universal circuit case containing breadboard etc.
  • Many users are diverting power cables, such as for smartphones, voltage drops caused by using high resistance power cables and high contact resistance switches included in the poor commercial power supply set for Raspberry Pi.Due to this voltage drop, many Raspberry Pi 3 Model B users are suffering from in-service shutdown and unstable operation.

    In this complete starter kit, we adopt AC power adapter set designed exclusively for Raspberry Pi 3 at Physical Computing Lab. The problem of the voltage drop faced by the user of Raspberry Pi 3 users and the usability problem of Raspberry Pi 3 without the power switch are cleared.
    <Contents of the new AC power supply set adopted>
    □ AC power adapter 5V 3.0A
    □ Power supply cable with switch 1.1 m

    Since the power adapter and the power cable with switch are designed exclusively for Pi 3 and the actual operation test of full load using Pi 3 is also carried out, the product completely satisfying the specification and the actual operating condition necessary for Pi 3 use .
    Also, before shipment load testing is performed with a combination of AC adapter and power cable, and only those that cleared the standard value are shipped.

  • For Micro SD cards, we adopt low-priced consumer goods on the premise of education and hobby use, but we are using MicroSD card (Class10 16GB) contracted and manufactured by lot of management,Only those that passed sample and quality inspection test before procurement are adopted as original brand MiroSD card.Since Raspberry Pi3 and Raspberry Pi2 have shipped only those that cleared the start-up test after Pre-installing Raspbian, troubles due to quality variations and compatibility with MicroSD cards are minimum.
Complete Starter Kit(Standard) for Raspberry Pi 3 [TSI-Pi038-CSK-S16]

Price: US$82.00(tax excluded)

Sold out