Board & Case Set for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B- Physical Computing Lab [TSI-PI031]

Board & Case Set for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B- Physical Computing Lab [TSI-PI031]

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Product overview

A case for Raspberry Pi 2 Model B / Raspberry Pi 3 Model B of the mobile circuit block 3ple Decker (triple · decker) series suitable for prototyping IoT (Internet of Things) products and PBL education (Project Based Learning education) and Raspberry Pi 3 It is a set of items such as heat sink etc.

■ Variety of color variations and flame retardant material options The case module of the 3ple Decker series can be selected from a total of 7 colors, 5 clear colors and 2 opaque colors.

□Clear system color 






□ Pro Non-transmission Color(Incombustible grade V-0 equivalency)



Change the color according to the use、Unify with the color of your choice、 depending on the customer you can enjoy color variation. In addition, two colors of nontransparent color are used for cases requiring flame retardancy, since it will be a case using flame retardant material of V - 0 class.

※In Clear Series color Case 、incombustible material is not used.



- Raspberry Pi3 Model B (Main body of the Board) x 1  

- Raspberry Pi3Case for(Clear) x 1

-GPIOCard x 1

-GPIOTool x 1  Rubber feet set x 1

- Screw set x 1  

-heatsinkx 2 (Largex1、smallx1)

- Top opening lid 2 types 1 each (1 type has already been installed in the case)

※1 The necessary power supply for this product is 5 V 2.5 A.

※2 Raspberry Pi 3 board ships with those already acquired for Wifi and Bluetooth Japanese technical conformance. (Please refer the picture)

※3 The GPIO card will be printed cards with pin numbers and others stated. (It is not a printed circuit board card.)

※4 This is a TechShare's original brand Physical Computing Lab product .

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  • Product Features

    ■ Two kinds of pins are attached

    There are pins avaiable in 3ple Decker Series case for stack , will fix into the Tamiya universal plate.

    ■ Two kinds of GPIO covers are attached

    There is an opening in the upper part of the case, making it easy to access GPIO pins.
    Two types of detachable lids are fitted to the opening so as to suppress the entry of dust into the case from the opening.
     1. The cover which considered good of the air permeability
    2. A cover considering connecting a pin socket to the GPIO pin
    It is possible to distinguish between two types, making it excellent in practicality and design.

    ■ Other Accessories
    By using the GPIO sticker or GPIO card sticking to the enclosed case, you can proceed with connection work and programming while checking the GPIO pin arrangement.
    ・ It is designed to be fixed also to Tamiya 's Universal Plate. You can also fix the case with the included screw set or the push pin attached to Tamiya 's Universal Plate.
  • Concept of 3ple Decker series

    On the 3ple Decker series, based on the design of the Raspberry Pi case, a board case for BeagleBone, Arduino, a universal circuit module containing a breadboard and a prototype board, and a series product consisting of three kinds of components of a mobile battery module We are planning.

    ■Configuration of 3ple Decker Series
     □ Microcomputer module
      - For Raspberry Pi
      - BeagleBone for -Black, Green
      - Arudino (Low type): Uno for Leonardo
      - Arduino (High type): Uno or Leonardo + shield
     □ Universal Circuit Module
      - Low type: for half size breadboard
      - High type: same as above
     □ Battery Module

    The characteristics are as follows.

     □ Detachability can be easily stacked in many steps
     □ Module Recombination is easy
     □ Module unit arrangement and while using use with minimum wiring
     □ Mobile power not caught by power supply

    In the case of 3ple Decker series, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone can all be of the same size case. Also, since there is a universal circuit case of the same size, if you use it to put it in the case for each circuit module, you can take out as much as you need when using it and connect it to the board and use it,reusability will be much better.

    Every module arrangement and storing is simple. If you put it in a case on a module basis, storage and extraction is easy.
  • 3ple Decker series Application example

    Using the 3ple Decker Series,By stacking the microcomputer board module and various modules, simple wiring and programming can be performed, so that one device can be created.

    For example, by combining a mobile battery module and a microcomputer board module with wireless function, it is possible to construct a cableless computing environment.
    Furthermore, by adding a universal circuit module containing sensors, IoT's end device that acquires environmental information can be prototyped.
    Also, since each module is not in a state where parts and board are exposed,
    You can experience Physical Computing with the sense of assembling blocks and can use teaching material of PBL education.
Board & Case Set for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B- Physical Computing Lab [TSI-PI031]

Price: US$47.95(tax excluded)

Sold out