Entry kit(Leonardo version)for Arduino [TSI-ARD-704]

Entry kit(Leonardo version)for Arduino [TSI-ARD-704]

Price: US$40.00(tax excluded)


Arduino Entry Kit(Leonardo Version)
Maker PartNumber:TSI-ARD-704


■Product Description

This kit is a TechShare original package product for beginners.
If there is a PC and the Internet environment, necessary parts given in the example of the book are packed.The parts are Arduino Uno R3 main body, USB cable, bread board, jumper wire, LED etc., .

<Correspondence Arduino Related Books>
●Fun electronic work - Let's start electronic work with Arduino! Second Edition (Publisher: Hidekazu System)

* It corresponds to the example up to Chapter 2-6. Together with the expansion kit, you can try Capter 2-9

●Let's start Arduino! (O'Reilly Japan)

* Tilt switch, RGB LED etc. Parts that are only introduced in some books are not included.

●Prototyping Lab (O'Reilly Japan)

※ Recipe 1 correspondence. If used together with expansion kit, it can also correspond to recipe 2.
If you add a hard jumper wire, expansion kit, etc, the typical parts required at the entry level are roughly the same.


 - Arduino Leonardo

- USB Cable MicroB type(30cm)

- Bread Boad × 1

- Tact switch

- LED (red x4, yellow x1, yellow green x1, blue x1)

- Full color LED (anode common) x 1

- Resistors (10 kΩ × 5, 1 kΩ × 5, 510 Ω × 10, 330 Ω × 5,)

- Variable resistance 10 kΩ × 1

-Jumper wire (14 cm x 15, 18 cm x 5, 23 cm x 5)

- Piezoelectric speaker

- Optical sensor (Cds cell)

- Temperature sensor (LM 35 DZ)

※The manual is not attached to this product. We recommend to purchase a corresponding book separately.
※Resistance and LED are included a little more to enable other application examples.

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Arduino entry kit introduces Arduino introductory content that you can learn with Arduino entry kit at "Introduction to Arduino mastering program with 3 minutes video" of dot installation site.



Entry kit(Leonardo version)for Arduino [TSI-ARD-704]

Price: US$40.00(tax excluded)